Уильям Вордсворт. Избранная лирика - страница 47

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Смутясь от радости, я обернулся,

Чтоб поделиться - с кем, как не с тобой? -

Но над твоей могильною плитой,

Увы, давно безмолвный мрак сомкнулся.

Любовь моя! Я словно бы очнулся

От наваждения... Ужель я мог

Забыть, хотя бы на ничтожный срок,

Свою потерю? Как я обманулся?

И так мне стало больно в этот миг,

Как никогда еще - с той самой даты,

Когда, у гроба стоя, я постиг,

Неотвратимым холодом объятый,

Что навсегда померк небесный лик

И годы мне не возместят утраты.


While not a leaf seems faded; while the fields,

With ripening harvest prodigally fair,

In brightest sunshine bask; this nipping air,

Sent from some distant clime where Winter wields

His icy scimitar, a foretaste yields

Of bitter change, and bids the flowers beware;

And whispers to the silent birds, "Prepare

Against the threatening foe your trustiest shields."

For me, who under kindlier laws belong

To Nature's tuneful quire, this rustling dry

Through leaves yet green, and yon crystalline sky,

Announce a season potent to renew,

'Mid frost and snow, the instinctive joys of song,

And nobler cares than listless summer knew.


While not a leaf seems faded.

Еще и лист в дубраве не поблек,

И жатвы с нив, под ясным небосклоном,

Не срезал серп, а в воздухе студеном,

Пахнувшем с гор, где Дух Зимы извлек

Ледяный меч, мне слышится намек,

Что скоро лист спадет в лесу зеленом.

И шепчет лист певцам весны со стоном:

Скорей на юг, ваш недруг недалек!

А я, зимой поющий, как и летом,

Без трепета, в том шелесте глухом

Густых лесов и в ясном блеске том

Осенних дней, жду с радостным приветом

Снегов и бурь, когда сильней согрет,

Чем в летний зной, восторгом муз поэт.

x x x

Hail, Twilight, sovereign of one peaceful hour!

Not dull art Thou as undiscerning Night;

But studious only to remove from sight

Day's mutable distinctions. - Ancient Power!

Thus did the waters gleam, the mountains lower,

To the rude Briton, when, in wolf-skin vest

Here roving wild, he laid him down to rest

On the bare rock, or through a leafy bower

Looked ere his eyes were closed. By him was seen

The self-same Vision which we now behold,

At thy meek bidding, shadowy Power! brought forth;

These mighty barriers, and the gulf between;

The flood, the stars, - a spectacle as old

As the beginning of the heavens and earth!

x x x

О Сумрак, предвечерья государь!

Халиф на час, ты Тьмы ночной щедрее,

Когда стираешь, над землею рея,

Все преходящее. - О древний царь!

Не так ли за грядой скалистой встарь

Мерцал залив, когда в ложбине хмурой

Косматый бритт, покрытый волчьей шкурой,

Устраивал себе ночлег? Дикарь,

Что мог узреть он в меркнущем просторе

Пред тем, как сном его глаза смежило? -

То, что доныне видим мы вдали:

Подкову темных гор, и это море,

Прибой и звезды - все, что есть и было

От сотворенья неба и земли.

From the Prologue to "Peter Bell"

Отрывок из пролога к поэме "Питер Белл"

x x x

There's something in a flying horse,

There's something in a huge balloon;

But through the clouds I'll never float

Until I have a little Boat,

Shaped like the crescent-moon.

And now I _have_ a little Boat,

In shape a very crescent-moon

Fast through the clouds my boat can sail;

But if perchance your faith should fail,

Look up - and you shall see me soon!

The woods, my Friends, are round you roaring,

Rocking and roaring like a sea;

The noise of danger's in your ears,

And ye have all a thousand fears

Both for my little Boat and me!

Meanwhile untroubled I admire

The pointed horns of my canoe;

And, did not pity touch my breast,

To see how ye are all distrest,

Till my ribs ached, I'd laugh at you!

Away we go, my Boat and I -

Frail man ne'er sate in such another;

Whether among the winds we strive,

Or deep into the clouds we dive,

Each is contented with the other.

Away we go - and what care we

For treasons, tumults, and for wars?

We are as calm in our delight

As is the crescent-moon so bright

Among the scattered stars.

Up goes my Boat among the stars

Through many a breathless field of light,

Through many a long blue field of ether,

Leaving ten thousand stars beneath her:

Up goes my little Boat so bright!

The Crab, the Scorpion, and the Bull -

We pry among them all; have shot

High o'er the red-haired race of Mars,

Covered from top to toe with scars;

Such company I like it not!

The towns in Saturn are decayed,

And melancholy Spectres throng them; -

The Pleiads, that appear to kiss

Each other in the vast abyss,

With joy I sail among them.

Swift Mercury resounds with mirth,

Great Jove is full of stately bowers;

But these, and all that they contain,

What are they to that tiny grain,

That little Earth of ours?

Then back to Earth, the dear green Earth: -

Whole ages if I here should roam,

The world for my remarks and me

Would not a whit the better be;

I've left my heart at home.

See! there she is, the matchless Earth!

There spreads the famed Pacific Ocean!

Old Andes thrusts yon craggy spear

Through the grey clouds; the Alps are here,

Like waters in commotion!

Yon tawny slip is Libya's sands;

That silver thread the river Dnieper!

And look, where clothed in brightest green

Is a sweet Isle, of isles the Queen;

Ye fairies, from all evil keep her!